Five Fun Facts- II

1. I’m allergic to meat. I do not produce enough of the ensyme that breaks down the protein properly. I sometimes wish I have the PETA conviction to not want to eat meat, but I don’t…which can get me into trouble. Sorry tummy!

2. My new years resolution was to give up meat, except on special occasions and if it cost more that $30.00. Try justifying eating a $30.00 piece of meat, not easy.

3.  I dream of living in a house up in the hills of Silver Lake that is super sixties. I have the living room and stair case designed in my head. There will be tears the day I see my dream house.

4. Hopeless romantic doesn’t even cut it when it comes to describing my bleeding heart for love. Although I have sworn off men/ dating for 2012/13. A girl needs a break from the drama.

5. I’ve never fallen in love; close but no cigar. Never date an artist.


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