Bank of Bekka

From the time until I was about 16 I would never spend money. I would go to the mall with my girlfriends, walk around Forever 21 and see lots of things I wanted. But I could never bring myself to buying anything. Constantly I would be looking at a necklace or pair of earrings going to is so cute, my friends would be like “how much is it?”

“ Oh it’s $4, I’m not going to buy it…”

Nothing could sway my stingy pockets, I would never spend a dime. Now I have the hardest time not spending money. Last week I took myself to Beauty and the Beast 3D, my favorite Disney princess; smart, sassy, weird , and kind. I could not pass up the chance to watch this movie again in the theaters, so I spent $12 on a ticket, which isn’t where I went wrong on my spending.  It was the small soda and the nachos which cost $10 that put me back, followed by a tall can of PBR later that night at a bar for $6 + $1 tip.

What does my Friday night total? Thirty Dollars! That is a full tank of gas! That is 4 hours of drive time, in my road trip spent on a MOVIE NIGHT (by myself).  I need to go back to the ways of the Bank of Bekka, back to the days of when my family would come to me for a $40 dollar loan. I was like a damn ATM machine, should have charged interest.


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