Every year or Fall/Winter season I seem to be sick 85% of the damn time! Then Spring/Summer comes along and I have allergies. But mostly it really just sucks when I have the common cold. It’s not the flu, and flu shots don’t do anything because I never get a fever. It is the common cold and there is no cure; it kicks my ASS! I just feel tired and drained, and not to mention sick and tired of blowing my nose all the time. Really I can’t do much when I am sick because my brain is just constantly in a fog.

Today I was getting ready, shopping around town, getting ready for my birthday party next weekend. And I am in the longest line at Target to get floor cleaner and all of a sudden I’m extremely nauseous. Dropping the floor cleaner on an empty conveyor belt, I rushed out of the store so I could get sick at home. Was it my lunch that made me sick or pushing myself while fighting a stupid cold!

Currently I am doing a freelance project with my friend John, that I can’t even work on. I can’t even try and be creative enough to come up with my Five Fun Facts. My complete absence has been due to a cold. Sometime I don’t know what I hate most, the chapped lips and endless tissues boxes I go through or how the cold drains and sucks me dry of all inspired creativity and drive.




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