Five Fun Facts – IV

1. I love Jean Luc Godard. If I could live in any time period it would be 1960’s France, and if I could be anyone I would be a muse of Jean Luc Godard.

2. The Voice is one of my favorite reality shows, or at least the auditions. Because everyone auditioning has a good voice, and it is about being exceptional not just good. There is no mean spirit.

3. My Valentine from the 4th – 6th grade was Bryce Loll, we would get together at the beginning of December to end of April. We would get each other presents for every holiday and our birthday, perfect boyfriend.

4.  I have an art box filled with magazines next to my bed, because I like to collage sitting on the floor and not on desk, which is in my art studio.

5.  Currently I am super motivated to get organized and just have all my ducks in a row, cute multicolored ducks.


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