Five Fun Facts – V

1.  The part in Mary Poppins where they jump into the chalk drawing to cartoon word, had me attempt to jump into my own chalk drawings for years!

3.  When I was a child and went to see Hocus Pocus in the movie theaters with my family, I was so entranced by the film I didn’t drink any of my Sprite soda.

4. I used to walk into my closet and close the door behind me waiting to transport to Narnia.

4. I Love FOOD! A total foodie, when I had cable the food network was my favorite channel. Can’t wait to travel the nation and EAT! But at the end of the day my favorite food is my dad’s shepards pie.

5. Coloring and drawing is one of my favorite things to do, but as I’ve gotton older I have put more expectations and judgements on myself. Now I am trying to just have fun and play with color, by creating for an hour a day with out reason or concept. Check tumblr for post-



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