One Bite At A Time!

On the coat tails of my last post, as I have not been posting as often as I would wish, this week the phrase or riddle “How do you eat an elephant?” kept ringing in my ears. True some see this idea as gross and disturbing, but you eat an elephant one bite at a time. And in my world it’s an actual elephant sized and shaped gummy candy/mold, so how would I eat that? One bite at a time!

Between work, the book, MAOI (which sadly is my rejected child that at this point blog protective services should just take away from me), curating, and a minimal but active social life; yes certain priorities get forgotten or put to the waste side. And a part of that I believe is because I do get too overwhelmed by EVERYTHING I need to do, that instead of just taking a few bites out of these tasks every day, I try and gobble up as much of one thing at a time (which usually leads to a stomach ache and avoidance- Still with me on the metaphor?). Focusing on one task and feeling burned out the rest of week.

I’ve decided to start going to library after work in order to better and more effectively use my time, instead of sitting in an hour and a half of traffic. I will write or blog or research at the library, which thankfully is in walking distance of my office building. I’m just taking one little gummy bite at a time, and eventually that elephant gummy will be gone!

p.s. The Coachella photography show is actually coming together! I’m excited.

*Future Topics:

-My deep rooted irrational fear of relationships vs. me

– Sunday Funday Crafting Club

-Joining the Grilled Cheese Competition


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