I LIKE YOU! *updated 5/5/12

One of my favorite movies is Elizabethtown. I can’t really describe why I love it so much, except that it gives me a feeling of home and I really relate to Claire. There is a part in the film where Claire goes and says, “I LIKE YOU” to Drew. Her exclamation is the same feeling I get when I meet someone I like, I just want to yell “I LIKE YOU!”. And even after I stop talking to that person but still think they are awesome, I want to say I LIKE YOU!

But I don’t say I LIKE YOU, because I need to be wanted and with someone who wants to be with me. I need the second scene in the movie, actually I need the last scene in the movie. Actually I need a whole other romantic movie scene because Claire totally drives the relationship in Elizabethtown, which I tend to do, and it ALWAYS ends up bad (in my life story).

Looking for my own love story, it will happen someday….

(5/5/12: correction the I Like You scene happened before this scene (YouTube Video Below). Update: I did tell the guy who inspired this post that I liked him. I actually just said (texted) “I Like You” while watching Mazzy Star at Coachella. A few days later I elaborated and really gave it to him, telling him how fantastic I think he is. Still with no expectation anything will ever come of it, and still with the need to be wanted and pursued, but I thought he should know how amazing I think he is.)

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