Going to Coachella- ella-ella- ay!

Tomorrow I will be headed out on my first adventure to Coachella. I am very excited about this, bags are packed, few odds and ends left to deal with. And already my “plans” are changing and going out the window. But thats Coachella and you just roll with the punches. Just get everything checked off your list, and you will be on your way between 11 and 1, arriving latest by 3 or 4, sun still high- tent/car ready to be set up. My restriction from all social media will commence once in Indio, and I hope to stick with that dedicated goal. Full diary like updates when I get back, pictures included. I even think I will do a “haul” video of shiz I packed. As I don’t shop that much to ever do a haul video of stuff I have bought. Maybe I should start doing haul videos of just stuff I come across, that would be interesting (lets work that out). Anyways so my adventure to Coachella begins tomorrow, and I am ready to just LET GO, open myself up to possibilities and absorb positivity.

*This camping experience, well my whole independent sleeping conditions and making friend attitude is a dry run for my road trip. Truely let the adventure begin!


2 Comments to “Going to Coachella- ella-ella- ay!”

  1. Well I think it’s fair to say that your “making friends attitude” paid off!! Love the blog m’dear!

    • Thanks! Like I said, love yours, and you have such stylish writing skills. My grammar and spelling are horrendous, now that I know someone is watching I have to step up my game!

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