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May 21, 2012

How I get ready to write…

1. Make sure hands have a fresh manicure, so I feel all sophisiticated writing on my computer

2. Drink coffee or green tea for a caffinee rush

3. Drag my motivation and determination up from the same place it hides right before exercising

4. Get distracted for a good hour surfing the web

5. Bite the bullet and get to work

* I like this Meme although I have not been following it, yet I really should.

May 21, 2012

Rumspringa & Liz Cazbah

Last Saturday I had a photography show in Pomona I had curated, and to my delight I found out a band, Rumspringa, was playing the same night right down the street. Now I have attempted to see Rumspringa on multiple occasions, but my plans always fell through. This was meant to be, I’m in Pomona already for an art show and conveniently their show goes on after my art show is over, AND my friend Liz Cazbah was going to be coming to the art show as her boyfriend was a participating photographer. The stars were aligning for this night.

After we closed up the record store Liz Cazbah, Ol’ D.K, and I headed over to the BBQ joint the show was being held at. We had dinner on the fly and fueled the night with lots of tasty beers on tap. I love hanging out with Liz Cazbah and Ol’ D.K! One they are hilarious and two they are hilarious. We discussed my disgust of the term “I’m just not ready for a serious relationship”, and as Liz Cazbah described it, that saying should always be translated into “Don’t take this personally, I think you’re totally bitchn, but I’m sort of really busy right now and don’t think I can take on any more friends…” (Ok maybe you had to be there) But I love Liz Cazbah and Ol’ D.K, she even full out dances with me. Arms flailing, hips shaking, we have a good time. I even felt compelled to tell a band member of one of the opening bands that the two of us slow dancing together was in no way mocking the music, but really enjoying it.

The last time I went to a show with Liz Cazbah and Ol’ D.K, I ended up staying up REALLY late and being insanely tired the next day. (Side note: I did not even stay up late with them; they just seem to be catalysts for awesomeness). Well this time they still remained a catalyst. After Rumspringa’s set I was encouraged to go up and say hello, which I did, starting to chat with the singer and drummer about music and mutual friends; Liz Cazbah and Ol’ D.K. decided to call it a night. But I continued talking, taking until I walked away from an amazing night of conversation at 3:30am to pass out at home 4:30am. Hanging out with the band after the show, the band I have been trying to see for over 2 years and conveniently has a show right down the street from me in Pomona, I really did say at 3:30am “ok well this is enough partying like a Rock Star for me, I’m going home to sleep”.

I feel I’m very much a person that lives in the moment, go with opportunities that present themselves and when I do that, it always ends up being an amazing night. But I do like to sleep, and I can say I have no desire to be a Rock Star.

May 16, 2012

A girl can dream…

May 11, 2012

Going it alone, yet never alone… (not a god post)

Tonight I am seeing a band not very many people know about, *nor really care for as I a few reviews I’ve read in the last hour stated, but I love them. I’m really excited about this show; it was super cheap, and I am just ready to be that silly girl dancing with her eyes closed.  My coworker asked today if I was going by myself, and I said yes but of course.

At this point, in my life, I feel very jaded to asking people to go to shows with me, and really hate getting in the mode of “trying to find someone to go with.” I’d much rather just buy a ticket, accepting I will be going alone and might run into someone I know, yet doubtful.

I’ll send out an invite sometimes, but more so because I want to see that person vs. that person coming with me to a show. I just happen to be going to a show they might want to go to… does that make sense. My independence at this point is so a part of who I am; it doesn’t even occur to me to ask anyone to come with me anywhere. when I do ask someone to join me, or meet me at a free show, or I’m willing to pay for them to get into a show it is because I can’t be a lone do to very awkward situations I know I will be in based on the group of people that will be present. At the moment, am referring to a very specific band, that maybe I will write a blog post about titled “The Friend or Fan?” . This also applies to blind date/ stalking situations.
I love my sense of independence, and I promised myself to never have “going alone” hold me back from my own life story. But I wonder…. No I won’t criticize myself. I make friends where ever I go, if those friendships last past those moments, who knows? Yet I put myself out there; I be independent, but I’m never a lone.

*Future post about the judging people based on the music they listen too- it’s lame! (don’t do it)

May 10, 2012

Vanity Video Taken Up a Notch…

A vanity video is any YT video going over 10 minutes, I have a few in the 8-9 minute realm and that is pushing it. I don’t expect ANYONE to be watching it past 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Tonight I made a video going on about my experience at Coachella, it was 22 minutes long, vanity video to another level. Don’t think I’ll post it.

Then I was looking for a photo that went, “blah blah blah” and didn’t find one I like enough. So this shall suffice…

May 8, 2012

Bitch Move or Nice Gesture?

In the past when I’m approached by a guy, I’m not interested in sometimes I would be nice, and sometimes I would be cold, mostly out of insecurity and awkward discomfort. Oh and I immediately know if I’m into a guy or not, I put a lot of weight in “the spark.” Any ways now I’m just basically nice and try to find an escape route, or lie about having a boyfriend (easiest out ever!) but I’m never a cold bitch, because I’ve learned to deal with awkward discomfort. But I was thinking about it today, and wondered if I just told the guy immediately, right after I have decided I’m not interested that “I’m not interested”; is that a bitch move or a nice gesture? It could be seen as a bitch move because you are instantly turning the guy down, but also (as I see it) could be a nice gesture because now he isn’t wasting his time on me when he could be meeting another girl who would be SUPER into him.

I’ve come to decide this, the next time I am approached out and about by a guy; I am not interested in; I’m going to try to place myself as a wing woman. Politely say I am not interested, but have spotted a girl who has glanced his way once or twice (and I will not lie about this; I  will be searching for this girl) OR ask him for the second girl; he was interested in and introduce the guy to the girl. Cause as one small business said that is pimping out pretty girls as rich men’s date to network events, a man can get a lot further with a woman with another pretty woman by his side.

May 6, 2012

Five Fun Facts – VI

1. I really enjoy yard work, and I am determined to get grass growing on the section of my lawn (which is all dirt) where my dog insists on digging holes in.

2.  A part of me feels I am destined to live in a small town somewhere, maybe in my golden years. Have a modest country home with a wrap-around porch, apple tree and tire swing. Right now I don’t think I would be happy with a quite life, nor will I be ready to retire the hustle of city life until much later. But in my late 60’s I could see myself relocating to Kentucky and drinking mint juleps with the love of my life in the (bastard) humid heat.

3.  (IMHO) Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the most stunning actress in Hollywood, her features are simply stunning and I love that she allowing herself to age gracefully (for as much as I can tell) and has had no nips or tucks

4.  I read the newspaper, my mom gets the Saturday, Sunday and mid-week LA Times. I go through each issue to find the stories I want to read and make it a point, to at some point, read them (preferably before the end of the month it was printed)

5.  Still have to pinch myself when I realize I get paid to write and blog. I’m an official paid writer. Sure I’m not writing about war or have the “proper journalistic voice”, but none the less I am in word 80% of the time at work and I am writing (or researching to write something later)




May 4, 2012

Unplug to Connect! a rant…

I was interrupted during the first video, here is the rest.