Bitch Move or Nice Gesture?

In the past when I’m approached by a guy, I’m not interested in sometimes I would be nice, and sometimes I would be cold, mostly out of insecurity and awkward discomfort. Oh and I immediately know if I’m into a guy or not, I put a lot of weight in “the spark.” Any ways now I’m just basically nice and try to find an escape route, or lie about having a boyfriend (easiest out ever!) but I’m never a cold bitch, because I’ve learned to deal with awkward discomfort. But I was thinking about it today, and wondered if I just told the guy immediately, right after I have decided I’m not interested that “I’m not interested”; is that a bitch move or a nice gesture? It could be seen as a bitch move because you are instantly turning the guy down, but also (as I see it) could be a nice gesture because now he isn’t wasting his time on me when he could be meeting another girl who would be SUPER into him.

I’ve come to decide this, the next time I am approached out and about by a guy; I am not interested in; I’m going to try to place myself as a wing woman. Politely say I am not interested, but have spotted a girl who has glanced his way once or twice (and I will not lie about this; I  will be searching for this girl) OR ask him for the second girl; he was interested in and introduce the guy to the girl. Cause as one small business said that is pimping out pretty girls as rich men’s date to network events, a man can get a lot further with a woman with another pretty woman by his side.


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