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March 6, 2013

Chit Chat : MY PIMPLE

ME: i have a giant pimple above my lip…really right now?? right now?? lol

COWORKER: NO, you LIE… it was there the whole timeeeee

ME: it was all hanging out chilling like a villan and then bamp its like hey im white bright and here to stay for the next 4 hours

COWORKER: thats pretty good. mine last freaking weeks until I pick the living shit out of them

ME: oh no its been like just there but now its having a coming out party on my face
ME: its sort of ridiculous

March 2, 2013

Comeback Kid – Is it still a comeback if no one knew you were there in the first place?

YES! Cause the tree still falls damn it!!

It would be completely¬†irrational of me to take on Blanket Fort Adventures WordPress (again). First I am finally bringing My Favorite MAOI back to life,¬†IV pumping strong. The¬†book is¬†well on its way, but 7 chapters still¬†need to be finished. Plus¬†I have the YouTube Channel (which isn’t consistent) and I have the Tumblr (which I love, & is sometimes a walk down nostlagia lane) that I update for “Lifestyle”. But the other day when I came up with my clever Taylor Swift comparrison this was the only place to really share it. So I guess a part of me wants to make, and be the comeback kid. [Just for myself] If I do one post a month I think that is reasonable.

I really like Delightfully Tacky, and she did a 25 before 26 I came across which inspired me to do the same for me. So although I lied on my birthday telling everyone I was turning 83, I guess I have to do the reveal, I was inspired to make a list of 26 (goals) before 27. Which I will share later.

Also April is going to be a crazy cool month for me if everything pans out. The only thing I know for sure though is Bowerbird and I will be going to Monterey for a Romantic Getaway. Our first major trip together. I’m so excited, I even decided to decorate my Starbucks¬† Chai Tea Latte with 2¬†shots of espresso with stickers that are a¬†little ocean inspired. Soon I will be the girl talking to the girl at the seashore selling seashells.



Well that all for my mini-update / comeback kid move for now. Follow/Subscribe for monthly updates ūüėÄ