Comeback Kid – Is it still a comeback if no one knew you were there in the first place?

YES! Cause the tree still falls damn it!!

It would be completely irrational of me to take on Blanket Fort Adventures WordPress (again). First I am finally bringing My Favorite MAOI back to life, IV pumping strong. The book is well on its way, but 7 chapters still need to be finished. Plus I have the YouTube Channel (which isn’t consistent) and I have the Tumblr (which I love, & is sometimes a walk down nostlagia lane) that I update for “Lifestyle”. But the other day when I came up with my clever Taylor Swift comparrison this was the only place to really share it. So I guess a part of me wants to make, and be the comeback kid. [Just for myself] If I do one post a month I think that is reasonable.

I really like Delightfully Tacky, and she did a 25 before 26 I came across which inspired me to do the same for me. So although I lied on my birthday telling everyone I was turning 83, I guess I have to do the reveal, I was inspired to make a list of 26 (goals) before 27. Which I will share later.

Also April is going to be a crazy cool month for me if everything pans out. The only thing I know for sure though is Bowerbird and I will be going to Monterey for a Romantic Getaway. Our first major trip together. I’m so excited, I even decided to decorate my Starbucks  Chai Tea Latte with 2 shots of espresso with stickers that are a little ocean inspired. Soon I will be the girl talking to the girl at the seashore selling seashells.



Well that all for my mini-update / comeback kid move for now. Follow/Subscribe for monthly updates 😀


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