She’s a Manic, Manic, on the Run! : Nike Free 3.0 Review


I’M DOING IT! Cause Nike Said Do It!

I’ve had my new Nike Free 3.0 tennies for a week now AND I have exercised/ran/ jog/ walked for 6 days out of that 7. SIX! This has not happened in a very long time. Surprisingly, actually buying new workout gear did inspire me to work out. You can get my first impression of the Nike’s in the video below. But my week long impression is that these shoes are amazing!

On the 4th Bowerbird and I went running on the beach, and my feet felt light and springy in the sand. Possibly what Tigger feels like when he runs around. We were running on the side of a hill or on an incline. Not up an incline on the side of an incline, as the tide was too high to run on a flat surface. And although that immediately intensified the already strenuous run; I still felt I was in better shape (metaphorically) than Bowerbird.

Then on Saturday, the 6th we jogged for a “longer” distance. This time on a flat concrete surface and with very little incline, except for the one uphill part that lasted 2 blocks. I really felt like my stamina had increased, and yes I really believe it was because of the shoes. At that point I hadn’t been exercising to a point that my stamina would be significantly changed. But I felt that it had.

Sunday I was incredibly sore, so we just went for a pleasant walk around the park. The website did say this might happen, in a weird vauge way, stating the shoes will work out different muscles in your foot so one should ease into them. As I am not an active person, I didn’t know what better way to EASE into them except to just start using them.

By today I’ve gone on my third mini morning jog in a row, and I feel great. I love how the shoes feel on my feet, and whatever it is doing to me psychologically; Jedi mind tricking me into thinking I am running faster, longer, and harder – hell I’ll take it!

*Please note my stamina and jogging distance is not impressive, I’m just impressed that I am doing it.

*Photos of the park and neighborhoods I jogged through are on my instagram @b_maoi ; there was some amazing architecture finds!

*Asian slippers mentioned in video!



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