A Grateful Fall – September

“Gratitude, it changes your attitude” – me ( & probably someone else too)

As other post have hinted too, I’ve been working on staying positive and motivated to be more productive. Happiness is not easy, its work. How quickly we can get caught up in the trap of comparing ourselves to others, and judging our own lives and accomplishments against their paths and choices in life  I began playing Soul Pancake videos at work as they are a source of positivity streaming into my head; inspiring stories, funny jokes, interesting social dynamics. All those videos were really helping to change my jaded perspective, but it wasn’t until I started watching the “Last Day” playlist did I get a big helping of reality.

WOW! I have so much to be thankful for. Why do I complain? Why do I judge? Why am I getting so negative? It was time to refocus. “They” say to start the day off with something you are thankful for everyday is the way to happiness, and I agree. But how often do we really stop and go, wow I’m really thankful for this big thing or really simple thing in my life.

I will never take in-door plumbing for granted again after my two stints at Coachella, but what about all the other beautiful luxuries in my life? Like a warm comfortable bed, and a really healthy niece and nephew.

Here is the video which inspired #AGratefulFall

you can read some of the things I was grateful for in September after the jump.

What are you grateful for today? Leave in a comment!

#AGratefullFall 9/27 *Today I recognize how I LOVE FALL in Southern California. There is this smell, wind, chill that culminates in the cozy feeling of Fall. F* anyone who says we don’t have seasons, we have seasons here… they are just subtle and wonderful.

#AGratefulFall 9/24 : *The relationship I have with my Mom, she drives me up a wall sometimes but its a really open and honest relationship. I’m lucky 

#AGratefulFall 9/20 – My mentor LC / Cannibal Flower for encouraging me to just execute my ideas and helping to give me confidence in order for me to continue to grow and just be awesome.

#AGratefulFall 9/18 *The simple pleasured entertainment of television from Buffy The Vampire Slayer to Sex and the City TV is fun. Plain and simple 

#AGratefulFall 9/12 *I’m grateful for coffee. Yes, the bitter delightful sometimes sweet black liquid gold of caffeine in the morning, noon, or night. My instant mood lifter, last minute motivator, and relationship developing over a nice cup a joe brew.Coffee thank you 

#AGratefulFall 9/6 : I’m grateful for my really healthy, smart, sweet, and fun niece and nephew. Sometimes almost too smart for their own good (or their Mom’s sanity). Love them and very grateful to have them brighten up my life.


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