Defining My Internet Identity

BMAOI GoodbyeMy life on the internet became a teenager this year, thirteen to be exact. My internet life was born on Xanga, then moved on to Live Journal, followed by Myspace, Blogspot, Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr etc.  And with my internet teen years came the internet insecurity. Who am I? What is my place in this corner of the world, and better yet what will everyone call me? This is how I’ve come to defining my internet identity. 

I’ve been personal blogging since 2002. Keeping the online diary no one you actually know is supposed to read.  Most of it was about boys, and if it (the name/url) didn’t change as much as it did I might have a solid following as a girl with a terrible dating life. People across the internet would have been cheering when I met Bowerbird and our love story panned out. But I was always nervous of my embarrassing internal thoughts on my dating life, being revealed to me by someone I actually knew. So it moved, a lot. Although someone in Arkansas always seemed to find me, and I appreciated their readership.

In 2009 I decided to take blogging more seriously, and created the music and art blog inspired by teeny bopper magazines; which till this day I still have and occasionally update.  “My Favorite MAOI” is the only blog name I’ve had longer than a year. But of course it didn’t start out with that name, no it was originally and then later, until I graduated to a domain.  Sometime around 2010 I opened a twitter account with the username myfavmaoi. But I didn’t really become active on it till this past year to be honest.

When Instagram came out I wanted it to involve MAOI but knew people would start typing B first to try and find me so I made the name B_MAOI. I was really happy with it, excited! Changed my twitter handle and used it everywhere I could think of. But alas this name I had to let go of.  Because in 2011 I started my last and final personal blogging destination, having picked a name so special I would never want to change it; Blanket Fort Adventures.  Now a more mature blogger who had decided to not blog about terrible personal thoughts that should only be reserved for a diary; I wanted a place to share neutral helpful inspiring and sometimes funny thoughts and adventures.  [I have a blogging addiction]

BMAOI Instagram


Well here came the conundrum. I have two blogs, and as a social media professional having a life online is important but even more important, is the ability for people to find me! I needed a cohesive brand, a name that could house everything I do in one place while still not merging the Blanket Fort Adventures and My Favorite MAOI content.  And so Basically Bekka was born! A way to convey all that I do in one place; my marketing skills, knack for writing, love for social, music, art… basically me.

I came up with Basically Bekka months ago, and yet still had not changed my handle on Twitter and Instagram till today. I’ve been having a hard time letting go of B_MAOI.  MAOI stands for music, art, or inspiration; its an acronym that I feel sums me up so eloquently. And it makes perfect sense on my blog, My Favorite MAOI that has tabs saying Music, Art, Or, Inspiration. But out of context people think I might have misspelled MAO or MAUI, so it doesn’t sum me up at all.

I’m glad I’ve come to the decision to change my handles, and have a consistent identity as BasicallyBekka. But I felt I had to write this post as a final goodbye to B_MAOI.  My internet personality is growing up, and finding itself a little more. It’s been an awkward year, but I chalk it up to growing pains.

So you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest all as BasicallyBekka ❤


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