Chit Chat : Social Media Networks

ME:  Twitter is like a fine fancy lady you have to wine and dine her but she’ll put out.  Facebook is a girl with low self esteem, if you say she is pretty she is all over you. Just hard to find the girl with low self esteem.

LIZ: Facebook is the bitch who promises she’ll blow you if you give her $100 but then only lets you touch her boobs for a few seconds.


twitter social media interaction



Twitter is a lot of effort in the amount of time and outreach you need to put into it, but it can gain a lot of traction quickly yielding great engagement and brand awareness.

Facebook has limited the amount of content that enters your Newsfeed to the point that a very small pool of people end up actually seeing the content you post, leading to low engagement unless you invest in the content with hard dollars. 


One Comment to “Chit Chat : Social Media Networks”

  1. I’m so happy you like my crass comments. FRIENDS FOR LYFE!

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