Ten Years Later… A Survey Part I

I’ve basically been documenting my life online since I first discovered how to set up a Xanga account. Which in turn just happened to be in the midst of  my teen years, so there are pages of misspelled and melodramatic blog postings collecting dust in their own corner of the inter-web.  A few years ago, bored on a Saturday night, I did the “do I remember my login information” challenge; and came across a ridiculously long “All about me” survey. I’ve been holding onto it, because I thought redoing it 10 years later would be interesting. It’s no mind opening weekend in Joshua Tree, but if you’re at home eating some type of dessert and binge listening/watching a TV show on Netflix. Here you go… a little bit about me.

*(SECTION ONE: At The Moment)*

1. Name: Rebekka

2. Nicknames: Bekka

3. Feet Size: 9 – 9.5

4. Do you have a crush: Matthew Gray Gubler

5. Boyfriend: Bowerbird

SurveyCrushI might have a type…

6. Age you act: up for debate…comment down below

7. Where do you live: Downey

8. Where do you want to live: My dream big blue house with red trim in Atwater

9. Birthplace: Downey

10. Favorite salad dressing: Mom’s concoctions

11. Ever gone skinny dipping? Once when I was 18

12. What are you watching?: Life Happens

13. Last person you talked to: Dad

14. Favorite movie: Breakfast at Tiffanys and Science of Sleep

 15. Favorite book: “Life of Pi” – Yann Martel

16. Favorite type of music: Folk, Classic Country, “Indie”

17. Favorite types of cars: Volkswagon Thing

18. Favorite saying: “basically”

19. Favorite fast food: In-n-Out or Albertos

20. Favorite ice cream: Mint-N-Chip


21. Favorite alcoholic drink: Manhattan/Old Fashion from any bar run by the 1933 Group

22. When do you go to sleep: 11pm – 12am, a solid 6.5 hours of sleep an night

23. Most embarrassing moment: I’m still not easily embarrassed, but being sent home from a friends house with a big blue bowl in my lap…well yes that was very embarrassing.

24. Stupidest person you know: **no comment**

25. Funniest person you know: My sister, she knows how to make me laugh like no other…

26. Favorite holiday: Christmas

27. Favorite food: Indian & Cuban food, though not togther – yummers!

28. Favorite song: “Needle in the Camel Eye” – Brian Eno

 29. Favorite television show: Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men, Shark Tank

30. Favorite radio station: bleh…

31. Favorite junk food: Cheeseburger and Fries w/ Ranch

32. Favorite sappy love song: “I Never” – Rilo Kiley

33. Favorite drink: Arnold Palmer

34. Favorite article of clothing: Black Jeans

35. Favorite animal: skunk

  the first part of the survey from 2oo4 is after the jump…

There are seven parts to this survey, will I make it through it all??


1. name: Rebekka

2. nicknames: bekka rebbie poppinz

3. feet size:9 to 10

4. do you have a crush: na

5. boyfriend: never

6. age you act:13-20 i act old but i feel little

7. where do you live: Downey

8. where you want to live: in a cool apartment in china town

9. birthplace: Downey

10. favorite salad dressing: no i like salad dry

11. ever gone skinny dipping? no but doesn’t mean i never will

12. what are you watching?: me typing

13. last person you talked to: jessi

14. favorite movie: umm… a million at the moment Empire Records/ Tomb Raider

15. favorite book: Girl Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen

16. favorite type of music: punk like social D and Clash but then old 60’s music

17. favorite types of cars: Jeeps, one Rubicon please

18. favorite saying:”cool beans”

19. favorite fast food: mcdonalds

20. favorite ice cream: mint n chip

21. favorite alcoholic drink:…straight gin or whisky

22. when do you go to sleep: periodically i like to sleep on carpeted floors

23. most embarrassing moment: I’m not easily embarrassed but i guess whenever joc tells a story about me making a fool out of myself and then people laugh at me randomly thats not embarrassing but it pisses me off dont randomly laugh at me…

24. stupidest person you know: i dont talk to those  kind of people…. michel moore?

25. funniest person you know: Stephany because of the things she says

26. favorite holiday: Halloween

27. favorite food: sushi and a nice rare steak

28. favorite song: Lost in the Supermarket by the Clash

29. favorite television show: the apprentice and survivor and “Americas next Top model”

30. favorite radio station: kroq in the morning “kevin and bean  i grew up with those fools”

31. favorite junk food: cookies and cereal

32. favorite sappy love song: some song w/ a black and white music video

33. favorite drink: shirley temple

34. favorite article of clothing: my sweatshirts

35. favorite animal: skunk



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