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March 30, 2015


cool girl _mixtape

I missed my chance to see Marina and The Diamonds at SXSW due to long lines and bad timing. But I’ll get to see Soko again tonight, so win for me. A mixture of jealousy and repulsion, cool girls with their ambivalent attitudes and twinkling hollow eyes make everything seem to have a story. Still struggling with my desire to be invited to the cool girl table, although I know I’ll just be bored once over there. My heart has always bled profusely on my sleeve, leaving me without the cool girls mystique. #thestruggle


Teen Idle – Marina and the Diamonds // Cruel – St. Vincent // Me and Jane Doe – Charlotte Gainsbourg // Gunshot – Lykke Li // Digital Witness – St. Vincent // Who Wears the Pants?? – Soko // Greenwich Mean Time – Charlotte Gainsbourg // Cheerleader – St. Vincent // All Your Gold – Bat for Lashes // Coffee – Sylvan Esso // Rent Free – Nylo

October 25, 2014

being on the road…

Being on the road and blogging isn’t nearly as easy as I had imagined. Heck being on the road and journaling is hard to. This writer has had very little downtime. I imagine the traveling writers of yesteryear would jot down their notes and stories while waiting for a bus or train. Right now I’m laying in bed of an Airbnb place, the sun is coming through shear white curtains and its quiet. When I get back home I’ll continue to share about each day of the trip. For myself I’ll take the time to go through the memory of each day and write it down, exercise my mind to remembering the specifics of each state. Right now the places and people flash in my mind like a disorganized slideshow.

Since Nashville we’ve been to Louisville, a haunted hotel in West Virgina, got a table at a booked restaurant in Charleston, pet a deer, held an Alligator, and have eaten so much good food our bodies absolutely hate us. Every night I go to sleep exhausted from a well lived day, and I think that is the greatest success of this adventure. To experience all the day and night can offer till I can’t absorb another ounce of “insert place here”.

October 12, 2014

has it only been a few days?

…Since I recapped Oklahoma city. We’ve been to Memphis, Dollywood, and now leaving Nashville. I haven’t had the chance to write an actual post. Whether I’m too exhausted to think or staying someplace with out WiFi, there are a lot of stories I’m collecting in my head which I’m dying to get out on paper/ computer. My whole sense of time is wacked, I never know what day it is anymore or how long we’ve been gone unless I check. Sort of gives me a sense what being on a deserted island would feel like.

I write this on my phone as i ‘ve paused putting on my makeup. I’m excited as we head to Louisville today and to Elizabethtown!

Find me on Instagram or twitter for more frequent updates at @basicallybekka. Hopefully I will see you again tonight.

September 3, 2014

#SOTD August Playlist

Let’s keep this short and simple, like my playlist. Here are my August Accomplishments:

  • Finished watching Gossip Girl and found out Lisa Loeb ends up with Rufus

Gossip Girl_ Lisa Loeb


  • Discovered the calendar on my phone has stickers.


  • Found a new band I adore, Friends . But they could possibly already be broken up as they haven’t put forth new music in 2 years. 


  • Watched my boyfriend play a packed Echo and it was pretty epic.


  • Apparently all the bands I like are playing the south in September  and not October, like this August find Paperhaus.


 Listen to the entire August #SOTD playlist here !

July 10, 2012

Going Pro-putting myself on BlogLovin!

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I’m putting myself on BlogLovin, and I found this adorable image on which I am going to now go follow too! Sorry for the steal, if you discover this Ms. Frances, I will take it down.

March 12, 2012

Shakn in my boots…


One of my duties/hobbies/ responsibilities is to curate art for The Glasshouse Record Store, there is no strict contract but I try to have a show every other month and don’t curate anything during the Holiday months. Well my next show is in April and I still have yet to get a single artist on board for any particular show. I had intended to do a Spring Cleaning II show, but I also really wanted to promote that show. And with it only being a few weeks away, I feel bad that I don’t have a single artist to its name. Then when driving back from the record store yesterday I had the brilliant idea of having an art show of Coachella photos! Photographers who have gone out and taken photos of Coachella music fesitval, hang and show their work. Today I looked for the name of photographers that have their work on LAWeekly and OCWeekly, asked around to a few friends and now I’m just waiting. Waiting for the response.  There is a small back up plan, that could help me to still execute the same idea. But I will wait till Tuesday to really jump on that plan.

And yet I still have Spring Cleaning to work on along with a huge show in August at Hibbleton. A girls just got to curate, and with my over ambitious ideas sometimes I’m just shakn in my boots.

January 8, 2012

Lesson from the Little Mermaid: Never Forbid Your Kid…

*best video i could find of the yelling scene

Parents learn from the Little Mermaid and never forbid your child from ever doing something, especially seeing a person.  Suggestion, opinion, and manipulation are the best forms of encouraging your child to stay away from something you disapprove, but never ever forbid them. If you forbid them bad things happen, we all know what happened to Ariel.

Tonight on my way home from the art gallery I was listening to love songs on the coast and this guy name Ricky dedicated a song to Gina; his girlfriend who’s parents have forbid him from seeing each other and he wanted to send out that love song dedication to say that he will prove his love and wait for her. Forbidding people, i.e.: teens, from seeing each other leads to idiotic decisions and irrational thoughts and expectations. Now that these parents threw up this roadblock in their relationship, they are now forced to “prove” their love and are more determined to stay together. Instead of just letting the young love burn out fast and fizzle like all young love does, because if the parents are trying to prevent them from having sex. Sorry parents but the truth is they probably have, or most definitely will now.

Learn from Triton from Little Mermaid, he forbid his daughter Ariel from going to the surface so you know what she goes and does instead; SELLS HER DAMN VOICE FOR LEGS!! You know if he would have just let her break the water every once in awhile she would have eventually grown bored or distracted by something else, but nope he forbid it so she decided to take matters into her own hands and made an irrational REBELLIOUS decision.

Don’t be stupid parents. Distract your child by sending them on vacation in another state with their aunt or take them on day trips places or something, anything; hell better yet bring the guy into your home APPROVE him, love him, and then she will really eventually stop liking him. But the kiss of death is forbidding him. We are not in the situation we are all in now because god gave the apple to Eve, no it was forbidden, the damn forbidden fruit. One cannot say no to what is forbidden, if the apple was highly un-recommended it would have probably been left untouched but no it was forbidden. Never forbid anything unless you want a really bad decision to be made, leading the entire world into original sin and a mute mermaid with legs inspiring an underwater apocalypse with a 100 foot octopus woman.