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February 14, 2012

Five Fun Facts – IV

1. I love Jean Luc Godard. If I could live in any time period it would be 1960’s France, and if I could be anyone I would be a muse of Jean Luc Godard.

2. The Voice is one of my favorite reality shows, or at least the auditions. Because everyone auditioning has a good voice, and it is about being exceptional not just good. There is no mean spirit.

3. My Valentine from the 4th – 6th grade was Bryce Loll, we would get together at the beginning of December to end of April. We would get each other presents for every holiday and our birthday, perfect boyfriend.

4.  I have an art box filled with magazines next to my bed, because I like to collage sitting on the floor and not on desk, which is in my art studio.

5.  Currently I am super motivated to get organized and just have all my ducks in a row, cute multicolored ducks.

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February 9, 2012

Crisis Adverted

This past Saturday I turned 25, dawning of the big “quarter-life crisis”. Yet crisis has been adverted because I am so happy and eager with what life has in store. Already this year is so strong, with an amazing self supporting job doing something that fulfills me creatively. For the first time I’ll be going to Coachella to see one of my favorite artist of all time, Mazzy Star. Camping in my car none the less, adventure and music is in store. To top it all off I have so many independent “projects”  going on I’ll be pushing to always be inspired. On a very personal level I have been off my anti-depressants over a month and have been doing really well. Twenty-five is looking really good!

My friends and family kept me company at my birthday party decorated for a 6 year old. Peace sign and owl plates, confetti, and table clothes were purchased at Party City; along with a dozen balloons. I never got balloons as a kid, so now I am an adult and have the money to treat myself. Why not purchase a dozen balloons?! My family loved all my friends, their open energy. And all my friends (who didn’t know each other before the party) left friends afterwards. Each guest precious, but the early presence of my best friend Esch coming, really set the tone of it being a night filled with love and positive people.

Most of of 2010 I spent in distress over my best friend, knowing something wrong was going on with him and in his life. Terrified I wouldn’t be a part of his life again when he found what he was looking for. We reconnected in November and he came to my party, probably the best spiritual gift of the day! He talked politics with my dad and made a memory card at the crafting table describing our outcast and bandito ways at Prom.

Surrounded by so much love and support, I am pursuing dreams and adventures. Working towards the life I want and know I deserve. So no quarter-life crisis present here, just possibility and motivation to achieve.

January 17, 2012

Best Face Forward

I have this second Aunt, my father’s Aunt. Aunt Alice, she is the most divine woman. I love/d my grandma, but she had nothing on Aunt Alice’s style. Always posh, she always wears s skirt suits (she made) that could give Miss Coco herself a run for her money.  I admire her style, and wish to posses that kind of elegance at her age (which is 91). Right now I wear jeans and hoodies etc, but after 80 it’s all about Aunt Alice class and Iris Apfel creativity.

Anyway one day I told Aunt Alice how I just thought she was the most posh woman I have ever met.  I love everything she wears, and wish to posses that same grace. She then told me that her mother told her once, that whether it is to the market or out to dinner always leave your house looking your best and putting her best foot forward.  With Aunt Alice’s mother in my head, I have noticed the world is different with your best face forward.

I might not always dress to the nines, but now whenever I leave the house I make sure my hair and makeup are “done” (I put done in quotations because I think a messy bun or wavy hair includes my hair being done). Mostly my makeup has to be done, foundation and blush since I have bad acne. And it maybe that I am more chipper with my face done up, less insecure so I don’t avoid eye contact.  But I’ve noticed when I go out and have makeup on, I get better customer service. The cashier giving me 15% off discount meant only for card holders, or my billion questions answered with a smile (this includes men and women), I receive better service.

At first I thought of calling this post “Privileges of the Pretty”. But I don’t think it’s about the fact I have makeup on or not I look prettier that is getting the positive results. It’s me leaving my house with my best face forward, following Aunt Alice’s advice and just putting the best of me out there. Not to say I HAVE TO HAVE makeup on at all time. There are plenty of quick errands I make with no makeup on, but if I want a little extra care, I put a little extra care into myself first.