Wanderlust Life

Wanderlust, the word inspires images of exotic locations and a desire to be away from where you are.  Webster defines the word as a strong desire to travel. I don’t like how the idea of wanderlust can stir dissatisfaction of one’s current life. I aim to redefine wanderlust. Let wanderlust be defined as a way to travel through life, and have a strong desire to discover new experiences. Exotic excursions are not far from you, wherever you live. Traveling is amazing, and I encourage putting distance between you and your home. But for the wanderlust soul, restlessness can be avoided just by going out the front door.  There is always new adventures to be had! I say open your eyes and heart to the wonder that life gives every day and start to see the magic of a wanderlust life.

pending adventures:

Going to a Bingo night at a local high school.

Try chicken feet at dim sum

Explore San Francisco

travel_redefine wanderlust


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