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March 12, 2012

Shakn in my boots…


One of my duties/hobbies/ responsibilities is to curate art for The Glasshouse Record Store, there is no strict contract but I try to have a show every other month and don’t curate anything during the Holiday months. Well my next show is in April and I still have yet to get a single artist on board for any particular show. I had intended to do a Spring Cleaning II show, but I also really wanted to promote that show. And with it only being a few weeks away, I feel bad that I don’t have a single artist to its name. Then when driving back from the record store yesterday I had the brilliant idea of having an art show of Coachella photos! Photographers who have gone out and taken photos of Coachella music fesitval, hang and show their work. Today I looked for the name of photographers that have their work on LAWeekly and OCWeekly, asked around to a few friends and now I’m just waiting. Waiting for the response.Β  There is a small back up plan, that could help me to still execute the same idea. But I will wait till Tuesday to really jump on that plan.

And yet I still have Spring Cleaning to work on along with a huge show in August at Hibbleton. A girls just got to curate, and with my over ambitious ideas sometimes I’m just shakn in my boots.

March 1, 2012

Budget Friendly Tip! – Naked Juice

Β A budget friendly tip from Bekka, me! One of the best and most expensive Juices on the market is Naked Juice. I work right next to a Whole Foods, so when I want a juice fix my budget friendly options are kind of low. At some point “prices per once” comes into play to really make sure I am getting the most bang for my buck.Β Yet I go one step further, once I am back to the office I also cutt my naked juice with water, usually half and half.

Naked Juice is very concentrated, and sometimes I find to be a little too sweet.Β  I love the less concentrated version with water mixed in, and it makes my Naked Juice last twice as long!