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February 22, 2015

FEBRUARY : dogs & jobs & birthdays


How is it the last weekend in February?  Given February is a short month, the weeks and days really flew by. Since my last post I have yet to get my new blog set up. Did you know designing a new blog is hard!? Especially when you’re a mild design snob that doesn’t want to look like everyone else. I also spent the little “free” time I did have working on my professional website instead. I felt that was the responsible priority. Fortunately I did make a lot of progress, and it’s very close to being completed. Still need to make some minor tweaks and fill up my career highlights, but it can be green sometime in March. Can’t wait till I don’t have to include, “the website is still in development” when I hand people my card.

So what did this month look like for me? It’s Bowerbird and I’s birthday month. My birthday is the fourth of February, and we went on a day adventure to Salvation Mountain to celebrate, which I’ll post about by the end of the day. (Setting goals) Then the very next day after my birthday I found a stray dog in front of my house, fast forward a week and we adopted the dog. I told Bowerbird I got him the gift of unconditional love for Valentine’s Day. Finding Louloo (pronounced : loo – loo) and adopting her is a soap opera worthy tale as well.


I added a new client to the roster. A fantastic cosmetic line, I’m really excited to be working with and I’ve been signed on to help Thinkspace more. My day-to-day is completely unpredictable. Sometimes it feels like projects fall from the sky, and it’s just a matter of be figuring out when and how fast I can turn them around. This week I found myself enjoying the time spent in traffic, as it was designated time away from a computer. But then most of that driving was for work. I had the pleasure of picking up water from Jim Hensen studio for one of my clients. Driving through those iron gates with Kermit above my head in a top hat was magical. If I’d planned it better, I would have queued up a song to play.

Yet that same day I managed to squeeze in a quick hang out with a bud who recently moved to Los Angeles. As we went to grab coffee I was sent the request to pick up another beverage that was going to sponsor an event later that evening, fortunately my pal was up for the adventure. He also did all the heavy lifting.

I used to never use my phone calendar, but I now have too. It’s the only way to make sure I’m not dropping the ball on a friend, a client, a family member. Hey Mom, I finally learned how to juggle! So far I’m loving this year, although I’m ending the night a little brain dead, I feel that electric hum that charges great moments in life. Thanks for coming on the adventure with me

August 8, 2014

Flashback Friday : Sarah Negahdari of The Happy Hallows

Sarah Negahdari Happy Hallows

First  published on My Favorite MAOI – 8/27/2009

Name: Sarah Negahdari

Nickname: Kitty, Negs, Nega

Sign: Pisces


Food. Sushi

Book. Inspiration Sandwich by Sark

Season. Autumn!

Q1.How many times have you been pulled over? And why?

A1.Just once. I didn’t do a full stop at a stop sign. I started crying! and the policeman let me go ticket free!

Q2.What animal if your spirit guide?

A2I Looooooveee your questions! ahhhh! So refreshing!!!!! mine is a black panther. I have had many dreams that were incredibly vivid, mystical, involving a female black panther, roaring at me to toughen up! She shows me how to be A REAL WOMAN! 🙂

Q3. What’s your vice?

A3.Oh gaaaaawwwddd, my indecisiveness!!! no wait, maybe it’s my day dreaminess, no wait, it’s my…just kidding…yeah, my vice is definitely that I have such a hard time making up my mind.

Q4.If you could live in a movie for a day, which movie would it be? Would you be yourself or another character?,, such a fabulous question!!! I would be in Labyrinth and I would be David Bowie’s character!!!!

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June 14, 2013

Hello Again, Again…

2013-06-14 11.47.35 Hello Blanket Fort Adventures wandering blog reader or follower.

A lot has been going on and well I want to blog here more often. I think I have a good plan for juggling MAOI, Book, and here; I just have to apply my plan. First was deciding on my content here; which will be about documenting my progress with the book, savings, Bowerbird, friendships, and my adventures of course. Oh so yeah, a lifestyle blog! {Wasn’t that what this was all along?}

I’m going to have a lot of things about saving, since I’m about to embark on a real ADULT health care plan. {I’ll go into that more in another post. Isn’t being in your “later” twenties just so much fun!} Like this here picture (seems whenever I post on this blog a Starbuck cup is involved), I went to Starbucks today cause I needed a little caffeine kick, and instead of buying a Large {yes cause they are SM, M, and LRG} I went for the cute petite coffee, which I have still yet to finish.  Just another 2 dollars saved! And those little dollars can add up fast.


June 19, 2012

“Because Music Is My Heartbeat” says my shoes!

*Upcoming story on when I went to see this band a few weeks ago coming tonight to a blog near you!- well it didn’t come to you that night. But I have a bit of time now.

Wednesday May 23, 2012 was the Margot and the Nuclear So and So show, but this story begins the Saturday prior. Saturday May 19, 2012 I had a family gathering I needed to attend (happily) yet there were two fun events going on the same night, Cannibal Flower and Plants & Animals at The Satellite. Leaving the family gathering early after spending 4 hours with my cousins and Aunts, I drove to LA torn on what event to attend all down the 10. Finally I came to the conclusion I would hit up The Satellite, if I couldn’t find free parking then I would go to Cannibal Flower but that was my move.

When I pulled up to my normal spot about 30 mins from the headliners set and only 3 other cars were parked, I thought “This is either a small show, or I don’t see a new parking sign”. Turned out to be a small show, but mid headliner (Plants & Animals) set I spot the roommate of (at the time my crush) and semi-sort of- part time front desk person at the salon (my work) and her husband. Took me 8 minutes before I got the courage to walk up to the back of her to make sure I had made a correct identification, but once I did I was so happy. I was able to enjoy the show more as I now had a friend to dance with and just really enjoy the show.

Afterwards they invited me out to The Bootleg Theater to see a traditional Columbian band (or was it Ecuadorian) and just chill. So we did, as she has connections with the venue; so after a great night of conversation and tunes she kept telling me if there were ever a show I wanted to see at The Bootleg just ask. Little did she know there was a show I wanted to go to that very week. The next day I didn’t think much of the list invite to any show, but by Wednesday I was itching to see Margot.

Wondering Wednesday on the way to work whether to reach out to her or not, to my surprise she was working the front desk that day and I felt it was a sign. I asked mid-afternoon if she could get me in, and she happily shared how she needed to go there anyway. So I got to see Margot and the Nuclear So and So, amidst great conversation with the owner of The Fold/ promoter of The Bootleg and my friend; I would run into the stage to listen to my favorite songs and then back to conversation.

I love music, I love going to shows, and truly 98% of the time I always have an amazing night. Brave enough to go to a show by myself, but also know how much more fun it can be to be with friends that also love the music.