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March 12, 2012

Shakn in my boots…


One of my duties/hobbies/ responsibilities is to curate art for The Glasshouse Record Store, there is no strict contract but I try to have a show every other month and don’t curate anything during the Holiday months. Well my next show is in April and I still have yet to get a single artist on board for any particular show. I had intended to do a Spring Cleaning II show, but I also really wanted to promote that show. And with it only being a few weeks away, I feel bad that I don’t have a single artist to its name. Then when driving back from the record store yesterday I had the brilliant idea of having an art show of Coachella photos! Photographers who have gone out and taken photos of Coachella music fesitval, hang and show their work. Today I looked for the name of photographers that have their work on LAWeekly and OCWeekly, asked around to a few friends and now I’m just waiting. Waiting for the response.Β  There is a small back up plan, that could help me to still execute the same idea. But I will wait till Tuesday to really jump on that plan.

And yet I still have Spring Cleaning to work on along with a huge show in August at Hibbleton. A girls just got to curate, and with my over ambitious ideas sometimes I’m just shakn in my boots.

January 5, 2012


Tonight I worked on an art show im curating, well until my internet shut down…now its time for bed. But I’m exited to have my clean desk again. Real post tomorrow, as this is on my phone.