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November 23, 2013

Rabbit Hole Discoveries

One neat discovery leads me to another, and I end up clicking link after link, a process I like to call my journey down the rabbit hole. Here is a short tail…

I love the artist Timothy Karpinksi, his work possesses a cozy whimsy I fell in love with instantly. His piece, “Ready to¬†see my Sweetheart” is the first piece of art I ever bought.¬† Funny how the man I’m madly in love with, kind of looks like the boy in the piece.


I was searching Thinkspace’s website to see what available work they had of Tim’s and think I found a piece I want to get for Bowerbird and I. But I won’t share that.

On Tim’s site there is a video of him being interviewed¬†for¬†Jackass Television created by a Lauren Graham.¬†The art show featured in the interview is where¬†the piece I purchased was first shown.¬†Poking around¬†Lauren’s Viemo channel I can see she¬†has grown into quite the professional creative director since then. I loved looking through her “live action” look books, but more so I got sucked into following the adventures of her and a friend in an short web-series made 3 years ago.


I’m seriously addicted to her channel and her talent!

An article I read about Instagram Envy lead me to my next discovery,¬† an intriguing lady name Ms. Stephanie LaCava. She’s a notable voice in the world of Fashion, writer,¬†and knows multiple languages. Having worked for magazines around the world, she definitely gives an air of mystery. I think imagining Stephanie’s life is more magical than possibly having it. I mean she is real, and undoubtedly lives a life of luxury and glamour. But from my little corner of the inter-web she is only a character, and characters really get to be dolls to your imagination.¬† She wrote a book I’m very interested in reading, on a cloudy day wrapped in a green cardigan and oversized t-shirt,¬†sitting on a nook with warm tea by my side.


I found the above photo on the Sophist blog, looks like a site I could wander around in.  

Oh did you know model Jessica Stam has a Spotify playlist on SkullCandy’s website? Yeah, neither did I, and I haven’t checked it out yet.¬†Only found it cause I¬†need new ear buds, well I don’t need them but I really want new ones.


So that’s it, those are the highlights of this rabbit hole adventure. Although you will probably see my other finds sprinkled across social media. I do seem to find quite a bit that amuses me.¬† But here I’ll narrate their tail* to discovery.

*please realize I am purposely misspelling tale!*

November 12, 2013

How to dress like Alexa Chung

I love Mangomini’s illustrations. They are all spot on and delightful. Just had to reblog this one, as Alex Chung has been a girl crush of mine (and many) since I Googled her after coming across MTV’s It’s ON with Alex Chung back in¬†2009. Her whit and charm just hypnotized me, and now I patiently await reading her book. Which could be incredibly dull, but I optimistically doubt that.

Cindy Mangomini

This week’s column for Hello Giggles is dedicated to the style of Alexa Chung. What do you think?


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November 7, 2013

How to Clean a Textured Steering Wheel?

I’ve tried everything to clean my textured Toyota Yaris Steering Wheel; baby wipes, Windex,¬†Lysol disinfecting wipes,¬† even Armor All cleansing wipes¬†¬†and nothing has worked till now!¬†Target’s Up&Up¬†Apricot Exfoliating Facial Wipes, I love you.


The outside of my wheel is¬†protected by a now¬†janky Curious George¬†steering wheel cover purchased in 2006. As others may understand,¬†the exposed portion of my wheel still collects dead skin cells and dirt like no bodies business.¬†Especially when you take car makeup touchups into consideration, let the powder dust fly. The grooves in my textured Steering Wheel¬†turning a nice¬†beige color over the years.¬†A hue perfect for suede pants, and¬†only¬†tells me in a tone of judgment “gurl your dirty”.¬†Hence my¬†excitement for this new life/ cleaning hack.

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November 7, 2013

On the road again…Phoenix

“when I want to run away – I drive off in my car – but whichever way I go – I come back to the place you are” – Peter Gabriel

I have a love of the open road like an *inexperienced traveler dreaming of fresh air, good tunes, and friendly faces at every stop along the way. So when Bowerbird’s band was booked for a show in Phoenix , I decided to use this opportunity as a weekend retreat for the two of us. The band was o.k. with my band-aid habits. I became emotional as we headed East on the 10 realizing I was going out of state. I want to drive across the country more than I can express, so when I get little morsels of that feeling it inspires and fuels me to skip my Starbucks, not buy 50% off dresses, and continue to save.

I booked our accommodations with Airbnb. It was my first time and I was respectfully filled with a bit of nerves. I’m not sure if it was an ad or a magazine article that turned me onto AirBnb but I went to the website and found the perfect place to stay. Only a mile away from the venue, it was a totally adorable converted garage/back house decorated impeccably with 72 good reviews. Our host Sky never seemed annoyed by my laundry list of questions, and even welcomed us to park in their driveway behind a gate to protect the band gear.

We left around 6am, stopping in Palm Springs for a delicious breakfast at Lulu’s. The same café I stopped at last year on my way back from Coachella. [Amazing that was only last year] Bower ordered the California Eggs Benedict, avocado, smoked salmon, caviar covered in hollandaise. And I went for a strawberry Crepe. I had already been buzzing from my earlier Starbucks, but added 3 more cups of coffee to my morning addiction while at Lulus.

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