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September 29, 2013

A Grateful Fall – September

“Gratitude, it changes your attitude” – me ( & probably someone else too)

As other post have hinted too, I’ve been working on staying positive and motivated to be more productive. Happiness is not easy, its work. How quickly we can get caught up in the trap of comparing ourselves to others, and judging our own lives and accomplishments against their paths and choices in life  I began playing Soul Pancake videos at work as they are a source of positivity streaming into my head; inspiring stories, funny jokes, interesting social dynamics. All those videos were really helping to change my jaded perspective, but it wasn’t until I started watching the “Last Day” playlist did I get a big helping of reality.

WOW! I have so much to be thankful for. Why do I complain? Why do I judge? Why am I getting so negative? It was time to refocus. “They” say to start the day off with something you are thankful for everyday is the way to happiness, and I agree. But how often do we really stop and go, wow I’m really thankful for this big thing or really simple thing in my life.

I will never take in-door plumbing for granted again after my two stints at Coachella, but what about all the other beautiful luxuries in my life? Like a warm comfortable bed, and a really healthy niece and nephew.

Here is the video which inspired #AGratefulFall

you can read some of the things I was grateful for in September after the jump.

What are you grateful for today? Leave in a comment!

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September 7, 2013


Its technically still Friday in California and I have 1 hour and 30 minutes to post my Friday Favorites.

perfect hairties glitter

I used to be against ribbon hair ties. My hair is thick and I always felt they didn’t hold, and lacked the right tension. But I met the sweet husband of Perfect Hair Ties creator/owner Marlo, at the Renegade Craft Fair and he was quite the sales man. Giving me a glitter hair tie as they have more “hold”, little did he know I am a huge glitter fiend. I’ve loved my little turquoise hair tie ever since, even using it to cheer up a glum day.  I love this colorful Kaleidoscope set and can’t wait to get my own! $24.00 on Perfect Ties Etsy Site 


FANCY TREE HOUSE blog and vintage shop.

I came across the Fancy Tree House blog through a Beautiful Mess post and recognized the featured model (store owner/ blog writer), I felt strangely familiar with her features and then her husband as well looked incredibly familiar. How did I know their faces? Maybe its because they were both in my favorite 2009 band, and first My Favorite MAOI band interview Castledoor.

Cory and her husband Gabe moved to Tennessee and she took her amazing sense of style off stage and into an online vintage store. I loved looking through the outfit of the day post, and its one of the better curated e-vintage stores as well.  Haven’t found anything I MUST have yet, but I’m sure I will.

My coworker showed me this video, and I quickly knew it was a joke based on the VERY simple lyrics. Then with the line “What does the fox say”…well I knew this was my  kind of ridiculous humor. It just makes me smile and made my mom completely crack up. Laughing out loud is not something she does often.  “I loved it” – MOM


Lastly today was the end of Forty Days of Dating. It ended how I thought it would,  Jess and Tim didn’t seem like a perfect fit.  Dan and I have talked about how we think a lot of people settle for the “almost but not quite” partner. They aren’t “the one” but are close enough. I don’t want to say anymore about it, but Tim sort of is dead on in his explanation. Except I could kick him in the shins for saying he’s “in love” with Jessica. Really dude? No you aren’t, wrong words!

September 1, 2013

What? No August Post!

How can August already be over? And how could I have gone through the month with out posting on here at least once! I mean I know I told myself that I wanted to scale back, focus more on MAOI ( play that record again ) but then even that blog didn’t get much action. Waking up early is the only solution to my blogging/ lack of writing problem.

In other news I’ve been reading A LOT more and finished another chapter of Project X.

Will I really start September with a post about having FINALLY finished the original scroll of On the Road, and now I am determined to read about every interesting person from LA Weekly 2013 People Issue?

I guess I will.