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May 24, 2014

Weekday Roundup

weekday roundup friday favorites
Most call it Friday Favorites, but I’m thinking Weekday Roundup is more my thing. Sharing  my weekday finds from wandering around the web. A collection of  products, pictures, videos, etc that excite or entice me enough to share with you.

rco dry shampoo death valley


R+Co Dry Shampoo – Death Valley

I’m a bit of a dry shampoo snob, I’ve only used some of the best. Call it a product (small pun intended) of my day job. I stumbled across this brand as I was looking for hair care beauty tips, and I’ve completely gone gaga over the packaging. Which basically was all the articles were talking about, they love the packaging  but when it came to performance not much detail. But its made by some Rockstars of the hair care industry, so I’m thinking its a win.

beautiful opal ring gold dainty


Mini Arc Opal Ring

I’ve never been a massive ring person, although I’ve always admired the trend on friends. Yet now my fingers feel bare, and I’m thinking I want to get into midi rings. I have no idea how I came to find this gorgeous opal piece, but I love the unique structure of the ring. Now if only I could have $350 just magically fall into my lap I can spend on this ring. To later be pictured on instagram with me holding a shot of whiskey at some cool downtown bar.

see picture of potential manicure below

black triangle manicure


tutti frutti flat sheet castle bedlinen

Tutti Frutti Flat Sheet – Castle and Things

I’d like to think that ones’ dreams are sweeter when they take place under really adorable sheets, case and point the above.

I’m a little late to the party, but how amazing (and on point) is this Funny or Die sketch for Sofia Coppola’s Little Mermaid!

Chandelier Tree from Colin Kennedy on Vimeo.

When I first saw this tree, I thought it was staged for some sort of filming. Little did I know it is an actual fixture of the neighborhood. I try to see a bit of magic and whimsy everyday, but admittedly its easier for me on the weekends. This just reminded me that, we as people, are the greatest creators behind our own wonder and beauty. That a 9-5 should never get in the way of our art or our passions, just integrated into it somehow.

November 23, 2013

Rabbit Hole Discoveries

One neat discovery leads me to another, and I end up clicking link after link, a process I like to call my journey down the rabbit hole. Here is a short tail…

I love the artist Timothy Karpinksi, his work possesses a cozy whimsy I fell in love with instantly. His piece, “Ready to see my Sweetheart” is the first piece of art I ever bought.  Funny how the man I’m madly in love with, kind of looks like the boy in the piece.


I was searching Thinkspace’s website to see what available work they had of Tim’s and think I found a piece I want to get for Bowerbird and I. But I won’t share that.

On Tim’s site there is a video of him being interviewed for Jackass Television created by a Lauren Graham. The art show featured in the interview is where the piece I purchased was first shown. Poking around Lauren’s Viemo channel I can see she has grown into quite the professional creative director since then. I loved looking through her “live action” look books, but more so I got sucked into following the adventures of her and a friend in an short web-series made 3 years ago.


I’m seriously addicted to her channel and her talent!

An article I read about Instagram Envy lead me to my next discovery,  an intriguing lady name Ms. Stephanie LaCava. She’s a notable voice in the world of Fashion, writer, and knows multiple languages. Having worked for magazines around the world, she definitely gives an air of mystery. I think imagining Stephanie’s life is more magical than possibly having it. I mean she is real, and undoubtedly lives a life of luxury and glamour. But from my little corner of the inter-web she is only a character, and characters really get to be dolls to your imagination.  She wrote a book I’m very interested in reading, on a cloudy day wrapped in a green cardigan and oversized t-shirt, sitting on a nook with warm tea by my side.


I found the above photo on the Sophist blog, looks like a site I could wander around in.  

Oh did you know model Jessica Stam has a Spotify playlist on SkullCandy’s website? Yeah, neither did I, and I haven’t checked it out yet. Only found it cause I need new ear buds, well I don’t need them but I really want new ones.


So that’s it, those are the highlights of this rabbit hole adventure. Although you will probably see my other finds sprinkled across social media. I do seem to find quite a bit that amuses me.  But here I’ll narrate their tail* to discovery.

*please realize I am purposely misspelling tale!*

September 7, 2013


Its technically still Friday in California and I have 1 hour and 30 minutes to post my Friday Favorites.

perfect hairties glitter

I used to be against ribbon hair ties. My hair is thick and I always felt they didn’t hold, and lacked the right tension. But I met the sweet husband of Perfect Hair Ties creator/owner Marlo, at the Renegade Craft Fair and he was quite the sales man. Giving me a glitter hair tie as they have more “hold”, little did he know I am a huge glitter fiend. I’ve loved my little turquoise hair tie ever since, even using it to cheer up a glum day.  I love this colorful Kaleidoscope set and can’t wait to get my own! $24.00 on Perfect Ties Etsy Site 


FANCY TREE HOUSE blog and vintage shop.

I came across the Fancy Tree House blog through a Beautiful Mess post and recognized the featured model (store owner/ blog writer), I felt strangely familiar with her features and then her husband as well looked incredibly familiar. How did I know their faces? Maybe its because they were both in my favorite 2009 band, and first My Favorite MAOI band interview Castledoor.

Cory and her husband Gabe moved to Tennessee and she took her amazing sense of style off stage and into an online vintage store. I loved looking through the outfit of the day post, and its one of the better curated e-vintage stores as well.  Haven’t found anything I MUST have yet, but I’m sure I will.

My coworker showed me this video, and I quickly knew it was a joke based on the VERY simple lyrics. Then with the line “What does the fox say”…well I knew this was my  kind of ridiculous humor. It just makes me smile and made my mom completely crack up. Laughing out loud is not something she does often.  “I loved it” – MOM


Lastly today was the end of Forty Days of Dating. It ended how I thought it would,  Jess and Tim didn’t seem like a perfect fit.  Dan and I have talked about how we think a lot of people settle for the “almost but not quite” partner. They aren’t “the one” but are close enough. I don’t want to say anymore about it, but Tim sort of is dead on in his explanation. Except I could kick him in the shins for saying he’s “in love” with Jessica. Really dude? No you aren’t, wrong words!

July 26, 2013

My First Friday Favorites … YAY!



F* dating shows when you have a dating experiment! Forty Days of Dating

30 UNDER 30 – Refinery 29
I read about every person instead of skimming over it and picking the ones I auto-liked. I’m really glad I took the time to learn about all of them.

favorite quote from article
What’s the best professional lesson you’ve learned?
“Probably the most useful lesson I have learned is one I taught myself the hard way: Don’t work with people you don’t respect or people who don’t respect you, no matter what the incentive. It’s better to be surrounded by authentic support and intellectual stimulation and be broke than to make more money through situations that are a drag.”