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January 28, 2015

BLAME MERCURY – I’ll be back!

I’m calling it – I think I’ve lost my mind, but I’m happy.

As of January 21, Mercury has been in retrograde. What does that mean? Mercury is crossing between the sun and our planet, and it will be messing with the fine people of Earth. Communication is down, and whatever will go wrong does. So why do I think I’ve lost my mind? I’ve decided to move my blog from to during this period. I’ve made a choice to do this during a very frustrating time of the year. Mercury has already affected my life in frustrating ways, I’m not immune to its wonky powers. But knowing it’s not my fault has helped me to stay level-headed. Here is a snapshot of what I have Mercury to blame.


Mid-morning I opened a newly purchased trip-pod from Best Buy and discovered it was broken. I then returned it and purchased a new one from Walmart, but my order was sent to the wrong store, so I had to cancel and reorder. Later that afternoon when I was in line to pick up my order I missed an important call, along with getting instructions for work. Then when I got home my key broke off in the front door, BROKE OFF IN THE DOOR. We called our general contractor to help out the situation, all while working from my phone. Later I go to film a video with the new tripod, and it was just a disaster. See below video.

Nothing terrible happened on Friday, but then nothing was easy. Let’s move to Saturday.


I get on my computer at 9:00 am and all is fine, until 10:00 am when it totally crashes. Won’t turn on. I call my IT guy, he isn’t available. I film the video I wanted to film Friday, and my camera battery dies right before I totally finish. I still haven’t watched the footage yet. Then I yelp and find a new IT guy to try out, and drop my computer off to him. Come home, still need to finish my work. Jump on another computer and realize my work account doesn’t have access to a certain part of the website to finish a project. Then I start sending out emails, and my email keeps crashing. I end up getting it all done, and 4 hours after dropping off my computer pick it up and the price is friendly- yay! Once again nothing tragic happened, and looking at the silver lining of finding a backup IT guy things are great, but it was a difficult day.

Blame Mercury Taylor Swift

Now as we are still in retrograde, because it doesn’t finish until February 11, I’ve set a personal goal to get my website and by new blog set up by February 14. Refinery 29 says this is a great time to set intentions and make plans. I don’t have time to wait till February 11, to start working on things, I need to do it now. So please wish me good luck. I won’t be posting again until the switch has been made, which should just be a week or two.

If you came here because of Fit & Awesome welcome! I have lots of stories so please poke around. And if there is any craziness going in your life right now, just blame mercury.

May 19, 2014

Ten Years Later… A Survey Part I

I’ve basically been documenting my life online since I first discovered how to set up a Xanga account. Which in turn just happened to be in the midst of  my teen years, so there are pages of misspelled and melodramatic blog postings collecting dust in their own corner of the inter-web.  A few years ago, bored on a Saturday night, I did the “do I remember my login information” challenge; and came across a ridiculously long “All about me” survey. I’ve been holding onto it, because I thought redoing it 10 years later would be interesting. It’s no mind opening weekend in Joshua Tree, but if you’re at home eating some type of dessert and binge listening/watching a TV show on Netflix. Here you go… a little bit about me.

*(SECTION ONE: At The Moment)*

1. Name: Rebekka

2. Nicknames: Bekka

3. Feet Size: 9 – 9.5

4. Do you have a crush: Matthew Gray Gubler

5. Boyfriend: Bowerbird

SurveyCrushI might have a type…

6. Age you act: up for debate…comment down below

7. Where do you live: Downey

8. Where do you want to live: My dream big blue house with red trim in Atwater

9. Birthplace: Downey

10. Favorite salad dressing: Mom’s concoctions

11. Ever gone skinny dipping? Once when I was 18

12. What are you watching?: Life Happens

13. Last person you talked to: Dad

14. Favorite movie: Breakfast at Tiffanys and Science of Sleep

 15. Favorite book: “Life of Pi” – Yann Martel

16. Favorite type of music: Folk, Classic Country, “Indie”

17. Favorite types of cars: Volkswagon Thing

18. Favorite saying: “basically”

19. Favorite fast food: In-n-Out or Albertos

20. Favorite ice cream: Mint-N-Chip


21. Favorite alcoholic drink: Manhattan/Old Fashion from any bar run by the 1933 Group

22. When do you go to sleep: 11pm – 12am, a solid 6.5 hours of sleep an night

23. Most embarrassing moment: I’m still not easily embarrassed, but being sent home from a friends house with a big blue bowl in my lap…well yes that was very embarrassing.

24. Stupidest person you know: **no comment**

25. Funniest person you know: My sister, she knows how to make me laugh like no other…

26. Favorite holiday: Christmas

27. Favorite food: Indian & Cuban food, though not togther – yummers!

28. Favorite song: “Needle in the Camel Eye” – Brian Eno

 29. Favorite television show: Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men, Shark Tank

30. Favorite radio station: bleh…

31. Favorite junk food: Cheeseburger and Fries w/ Ranch

32. Favorite sappy love song: “I Never” – Rilo Kiley

33. Favorite drink: Arnold Palmer

34. Favorite article of clothing: Black Jeans

35. Favorite animal: skunk

  the first part of the survey from 2oo4 is after the jump…

There are seven parts to this survey, will I make it through it all??

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July 26, 2013

My First Friday Favorites … YAY!



F* dating shows when you have a dating experiment! Forty Days of Dating

30 UNDER 30 – Refinery 29
I read about every person instead of skimming over it and picking the ones I auto-liked. I’m really glad I took the time to learn about all of them.

favorite quote from article
What’s the best professional lesson you’ve learned?
“Probably the most useful lesson I have learned is one I taught myself the hard way: Don’t work with people you don’t respect or people who don’t respect you, no matter what the incentive. It’s better to be surrounded by authentic support and intellectual stimulation and be broke than to make more money through situations that are a drag.”

June 14, 2013

Hello Again, Again…

2013-06-14 11.47.35 Hello Blanket Fort Adventures wandering blog reader or follower.

A lot has been going on and well I want to blog here more often. I think I have a good plan for juggling MAOI, Book, and here; I just have to apply my plan. First was deciding on my content here; which will be about documenting my progress with the book, savings, Bowerbird, friendships, and my adventures of course. Oh so yeah, a lifestyle blog! {Wasn’t that what this was all along?}

I’m going to have a lot of things about saving, since I’m about to embark on a real ADULT health care plan. {I’ll go into that more in another post. Isn’t being in your “later” twenties just so much fun!} Like this here picture (seems whenever I post on this blog a Starbuck cup is involved), I went to Starbucks today cause I needed a little caffeine kick, and instead of buying a Large {yes cause they are SM, M, and LRG} I went for the cute petite coffee, which I have still yet to finish.  Just another 2 dollars saved! And those little dollars can add up fast.