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July 10, 2013

She’s a Manic, Manic, on the Run! : Nike Free 3.0 Review


I’M DOING IT! Cause Nike Said Do It!

I’ve had my new Nike Free 3.0 tennies for a week now AND I have exercised/ran/ jog/ walked for 6 days out of that 7. SIX! This has not happened in a very long time. Surprisingly, actually buying new workout gear did inspire me to work out. You can get my first impression of the Nike’s in the video below. But my week long impression is that these shoes are amazing!

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January 7, 2012

Sick As A Dog … shit

Currently I am sick with a cold.  A loopy sick, or I guess I just get loopy when I have a cold. The whole world vibrates and I see the energy of objects radiating. Yes, I know it sounds like I might be on some psychedelic trip but the most hard core thing I’ve had to drink all night is some Thera-flu. Which I will tell you hits me quicker than a shot of whiskey and at time for the shear idea of it, have debated walking into a bar with a traveler cup filled with Theraflu.

Also I’ve gained 10 pounds over the holidays and am a little backed up if you get my drift. So on top of a cold, I really don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I’m the first to be anti-diet anything but I do feel it is important to feel comfortable in your own skin, and love the way your clothes look on you. At the moment, I do have some room for improvement. And not that I’ll go on some major diet or exercise till the cows come home, I will eliminate meat from my diet for its toxic presence in my system (I’m allergic) and exercise to increase energy. If I could find a Krav Maga class, that would be optimal. Safety and sexy body, holler. (Ok that’s trying a bit too hard).

Well this loopy mind is ready to zone out to some Netflix instant, so visit and tell them I said hello. 2012 goal, get writing on Hello Giggles, maybe the more I write it the close to be try it shall be.

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